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CD Illustration:

Vincent Poag:

Roland Digh:


Poster Illustration:

Illustrations for
Ilustrações para:

"O Velho que Pintava Pombas"  /  "The Old Man 
who Painted Pigeons"; Opera Omnia, 2012

Acessível aqui / Available here:
(ou contacte-me por email)

"Riacho de Prata"  /  "Silver Stream"; Galeria Trindade, 2011

Food Illustration

Food illustration - complete project:
Ilustração de cominda - projecto completo:

Scientific Illustration 

Opuntia ficus-indica;
2010; watercolor on paper, 42 cm x 29,7 cm

Editorial Illustration

2009; indian ink and watercolor on paper, 29,7 cm x 42 cm

Whiteboard Animation

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