Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sketchbook / Diário Gráfico

Sketchbook drawings 

Desenhos de diário gráfico - «os esquecidos»

Monday, December 26, 2016

Drawing \ Desenho

One of drawings I did before getting sick. Just bought a Lenovo Yoga Book, and this is a dream for anyone who loves to draw.

Um dos desenhos que fiz antes de adoecer. Acabei de comprar um Lenovo Yoga Book e isto é um sonho para quem gosta de desenho.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

in progress / em progresso

Everything I did since 2014 was done while feeling all sorts of pain throughout my body. It took over my hand (before it was just the arm) since 2015, and I'm not able to draw from observation since 2015 because it gives me terrible headaches.
I went to London and did an intensive drawing course while feeling my arm completely blocked.
I stopped working for clients during this period because I was unable to meet the deadlines.
Because of this, my latest work is not exactly as I wanted it to be but I'm feeling better day after day.
Better to feel stuck than to die anyway, something which I felt was very close from happening for several times.
The photos are terrible because I'm using my phone to edit the photos. Will update a better version soon.


Trabalhos que ficaram a meio mas que irei terminar brevmente, assim que as dores passarem. Já as sinto desde inicio de 2014, mas desde 2015 que me passaram para todo o corpo e tudo o que fiz desde ai tem sido feito com grandes limitações.
Eu é que tenho imensa energia e faço as coisas à mesma pois odeio estar parada por isso pode parecer que está tudo OK mas deixei de trabalhar para clientes durante este período pois não dá para me meter em prazos nestas circunstâncias.
Penso que em Janeiro já devo conseguir.
As fotografias estão más pois tenho o pc avariado e estou a usar apps do telemovel para tratar as imagens.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Dance Drawing / Desenho Dança

New dance drawings available in my Etsy shop:
Currently making more while I'm getting my life back on track (it's getting hard these days).


Novo desenho dança. Estão mais para vir enquanto me volto a organizar. Ver aqui na Etsy:

Entretanto decidi deixar a minha página pessoal do facebook e ficar só com a página do Facebook  do meu trabalho.
Continuarei aqui no Blogger, no Pinterest e no Twitter.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Final Drawing - Movement / Desenho Final - Movimento

This big drawing is also based on my dancing drawings. However, I was trying to add a structure to it, and idea of space. I ended up doing that through mark-making and through the use of specific materials. Something to develop. I may still work on this one more. It was my final drawing, part of a 3rd week intensive course in London.

My longtime battle has been the acceptance of a personality which is greed
This trip to London was great for me (I was there for 4 weeks), because I got to see a place where quality was cherished, where knowledge was cherished. There are also bad things there, I know, but I come from a place where knowledge and cultvalued.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Expanded Field of Drawing, Short Summer Course Exhibition , Slade School

I've been in London for almost 3 weeks now to be part of "The Expanded Field of Drawing" short summer course. It has been an amazing experience and we're now opening for people to see the results - this Friday!
I've been ill very recently, for months, so to be part of this has been amazing for me :) Will update the blog with the works as soon as I have time because this experience, although amazing, has been exhausting for me and I still have one extra week in London.
I know it may seem crazy that after being ill for several months I immediately start a new experience in another country, but that's just how I am.